Who We Serve

Our focus is to serve men, women, women & children, Veterans who are taking a step forward from daily life challenges such as homelessness; drug and alcohol abuse, recent incarceration, mental health issues, disabilities, financial deprivation, unemployment, under employment and those who have HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to meet the needs of an ever changing community.


Benefits offered to the individuals who seek services are: housing, health resources, Spiritual Growth, life and job skills training, counseling (one-on-one and group), and a nurturing environment where recovery can take place.


ASF is currently located in the Harlem Park area of Baltimore City. We have serviced persons from as far away as North Carolina. We are looking for a location that is capable of meeting our building capacity and accommodate our service needs.


A Step Forward, Inc .will approach private and public agencies, organizations and companies for sponsorship and grant opportunities. In addition, the organization will create for-profit entities that will complement the nonprofit organization and assist with sustainability.