Our Mission

A Step Forward is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides supportive housing and wrap around services in a safe and secure environment that is conducive to recovery from substance abuse and other life threatening issues.

Structured to meet the needs of an ever-changing community, our goal, based on self-improvement opportunities, is to return to the community a self-sufficient, productive individual who has hope and a future.


A Step Forward Inc.
800 North Fulton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217


443-708-1443 (Fax)

Our Values

  • Services designed to meet the recovery needs of the citizens of Baltimore and beyond.
  • Opinion and perceptions of its staff, consumers, families, health care providers and other key stakeholders, in understanding how systems of care can be designed and improved
  • High quality health care services
  • Cost effective delivery of services
  • The delivery of services in the least restrictive environment, appropriate to the needs of the consumer
  • A provider network that is culturally competent and RESPECTS the differences among consumers
  • Education and research
  • A range of affordable housing for persons seeking recovery, that is comfortable, attractive and safe
  • Maximizing all potential resources for the purposes of delivering high quality care