Welcome to Take A Step Forward

A Step Forward provides housing and support services for men, women, women with children, Veterans who are recovering from substance abuse or other life threatening issues. Our goal is to use our gifts and talents to assist in meeting the needs of this challenged population of Baltimore City. We believe that a commitment (no matter how small or large) of finances, resources, time….. can make a difference. As you view our website, we hope that you make the decision to join in our efforts to assist in returning to our communities, individuals/ families with hope and a future! Learn more about our mission and values here.

Treatment & Outreach Services


“A new evolution in treatment”….. A Step Forward offers innovative treatment and supportive services geared to assist the whole person/ families. Our goal, through self-improvement opportunities, is to successfully return back to our communities, productive citizens, who have hope and a future.

Partnerships & Collaborations


A Step Forward understands that it takes a collaborative effort to treat the whole person and family.  We look at the individual and family needs then seek out the partnerships and collaborative efforts that will meet those requirements.

Directors, Staff & Volunteers


Meet the A Step Forward team! Each person is committed to the mission of utilizing their talents to serve this population that is in need and we are very passionate about the work that we do!

This inspirational song has become A Step Forward’s theme song. As we take a step forward, we understand that we do not have to let our past dictate our future.